Mitsui Gunma Management ミツイ銃剣管理 Corporate Advisory department is run by seasoned professionals who have extensive experience undertaking corporate finance transactions from within business consultancy practices.

Mitsui Gunma Management can provide businesses with assistance in honing financial projections, business plans and also disseminate management advice in support of applications for corporate finance. We are able to bring tangible and pertinent expertise to virtually any type of corporate finance project whether it entails:
Business Expansion
Corporate Acquisitions
Management Buy Out/In
Corporate Restructuring
Business Sales

Mitsui Gunma Management have pursued a policy of targeting our services toward a specific business demographic and consequently, the majority of our clients operate concerns with turnovers in the $500k to $100m range. This encompasses the small family businesses right up to subsidiaries of large multinationals. Funding arranged can therefore vary significantly from $50k for a small refinance through to $150m for a management buyout or an acquisition.

Mitsui Gunma Management’s network of funding sources gives us access to a plethora of forward-thinking and aggressive schemes that we can introduce into most corporate transactions.

Experience has shown us that, all too often, companies are either with unsuitable lenders or the structure of the package provided possesses insufficient flexibility to meet their requirements.

In such cases we endeavor to refinance the existing facility with the co-operation of the lender and the client. Depending on the wishes of the client company and, of course, subject to the consent of the existing lender, we will aim to refinance the entire outstanding obligation.

Where the business can be categorized as “troubled”, we co-operate with insolvency practitioners or receivers with a view to sourcing finance that complies with any stipulations of any existing formal agreement.

Often, Mitsui Gunma Management is retained by clients to engage in the identification of and the subsequent making of overtures towards possible targets for acquisition. In these instances, we undertake to arrange the appropriate finance necessary to fund the acquisition.

Where we are engaged to assist in Management Buy Outs (MBOs), we can act in a proactive lead advisory role to the prospective management team throughout the duration of the transaction.

Our role in such cases becomes pivotal. Through careful planning, observation of rigid due diligence practices and delivery of pertinent expertise, Mitsui Gunma Management will liaise with vendor, funder(s), legal representatives and other relevant parties on behalf of the MBO team ensuring a smooth transaction from inception through to legal completion.