Since 2010 Mitsui Gunma Management ミツイ銃剣管理 has taken an active step in giving back to our community.

Mitsui Gunma Management understands that leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, public debt has risen across the world to a critical level. In a result many countries still have a drop in the real economy, high unemployment and economic fallback that are still echoed today. After the crisis, Mitsui Gunma Management took an extensive look into restoring the confidence to contribute to the social and economic growth in Japan and Asia.

Our staff has actively taken up charity events, volunteering to improve the environment and disadvantaged communities. We have been supporting youths through sports, culture and arts and financial literacy and awareness

As in internal procedure we have used state of the art low carbon usage on all of our electrical equipment, employed recycling and waste management targets for each quarter.

Ethical responsibility is now an integral part of our organization.

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> Ethical Responsibility
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> Legal Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

If you would like Mitsui Gunma Management to sponsor an event, activity in Osaka that you believe warrants our attention please email us your case to [email protected]