Mitsui Gunma Management ミツイ銃剣管理 has been an integral part of underwriting IPOs & Mergers to date.

Without doubt, a public offering of equity on the Stock Exchange is an effective means by which to attract investment into the business.

An initial public offering (IPO) on a public stock exchange lays the foundations for future business and opportunities by providing funding and impetus to the business development side of the company.

The key factor with an IPO is the amount of investment that can be attracted.

A crucial factor in the success or failure of an IPO is the preparedness of the market for the induction of a new business to the marketplace.  The market will need to know about the newcomer’s competition and their businesses.

At IPO stage, it is of paramount importance that the company has a good relationship with prospective stockholders. Obviously, Mitsui Gunma Management prepares a detailed and comprehensive information campaign during the IPO period.

We may underwrite a tranche of shares or enlist the participation of approved partners. It is our responsibility to ensure that the IPO is adequately subscribed at the target price.