Mitsui Gunma Management ミツイ銃剣管理 aims to be the leading trusted asset management firm of choice for all clients across EMEA & Asia. Our reputation has been built for nearly a decade, providing our clients an unrivalled level of investment expertise.

As professional investment consultants, our responsibility is to get to know each client as a person. We set a great value by the importance of understanding your priorities insofar as they relate to your desired lifestyle, your loved ones and your aspirations.

Whether you’re targeting specific objectives like beginning a fulfilling retirement or planning legacy arrangements for future generations of your progeny, the path can be testing and difficult. That’s why we at Mitsui Gunma Management insist on beginning our planning process by identifying and familiarizing ourselves with your unique circumstances and helping to determine your particular goals and objectives.

Some facets of financial planning call for deep, somber reflection.

  • What kind of lifestyle do you envision for yourself and your family?
  • What are your feelings with regard to college funding?
  • Do you intend to leave a legacy for your family and/or for worthy causes?
  • How well are your investments diversified and are they on target to achieve all of your goals and objectives?
  • What is your attitude to risk?

We usually find that the answers to these questions tend to raise more including :

  • How can you insulate yourself and your family from the effects of life’s unforeseeable occurrences, such as a premature death or the loss of a business partner?
  • Are you equipped to deal with life’s major transitions such as handing your business to new owners or the diversification of concentrated and highly appreciated investments such as employer stock?
  • How does tax impact upon present and future financial circumstances?
  • Do you have the appropriate apparatus in place to reduce the impact of tax liabilities on legacies you wish to leave to your family or loved ones?

These questions – and a plethora of others – should give you an idea of the complexity of the environment in which prudent investment planning must operate. Without a comprehensive and holistic methodology like Mitsui Gunma Management, it is all too easy to find yourself and your family inadequately prepared to meet the challenges facing them every day.

Mitsui Gunma Management exists to help to guide you in these endeavours. We can assist in the definition of your unique objectives and in the anticipation your family’s long-term needs.

We are certain that our heartfelt concern, genuine interest in your financial situation and our empathy with your hopes for your family will serve to earn and retain your trust. Our advisers are supported by a team of premium-class financial specialists in a number of areas such as equity and fixed income research, mutual fund research and risk management.

Your Mitsui Gunma Management professional can advise on a wide range of investments and refined financial strategies. He or she understands the manner in which these tools interact for clients in varying situations.

With these resources, Mitsui Gunma Management builds a complete and fit-for-purpose financial strategy customized to your unique circumstances and goals. Then we’ll give you straightforward, plain-language advice and work together to implement your plan.

As diligent and professional advisors, we undertake to remain in contact with you with the aim of reviewing your aims and your financial positions so we can modify your plan as required.